The food and drink offerings at Zante Maris Suites are carefully designed to awaken your inner epicurean. Tastes, smells and textures are all inherently linked with the visual smorgasbord of nature surrounding you. When you enjoy one of our Mediterranean cuisine dishes, or one of our bespoke cocktails, you do so with all of your senses.

The pool bar, designed to function as an organic meeting point, is the social, relaxed, beating heart of Zante Maris Suites.

Zante Maris Suites Bar


What does perfection taste like?

Our special welcome drink, mixed specifically to please your palate, will answer that question as soon as you arrive. And throughout your stay at Zante Maris Suites, our head bartender, will challenge and redefine perfection on a glass again and again.

Bespoke cocktails, infused with Mediterranean herbs, expertly use local liquors and modern mixology techniques to deliver concoctions that set a pleasurable and playful pace to your holidays.

Zante Maris Suites Restaurant


Our executive chef works with fresh, local ingredients, creating contemporary dishes:

This is Mediterranean cuisine at its finest, enveloped by spectacular views to Zakynthos island. The imaginative platings in our a la carte menu, as well as the opulent options of our breakfast buffet, will have you spoilt for choice.